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Frequently Asked Questions

For purposes of these Frequently Asked Questions, "we", "us" and "our" refers to 8742995 Canada Inc. dba Travel Nation Canada.

What are the benefits of booking with PC Travel?

PC Travel is the only place where you can earn PC Optimum points on travel product. PC Customers have access to exclusive travel offers, perks and bonuses. Book with confidence! PC Travel bookings are protected by our Best Price Guarantee.


How do I take advantage of earning PC Optimum points and bonuses with PC Travel?

If you are a PC Financial Mastercard holders and a PC Insider member, there are 3 offers just for you.

1. Earn up to 3x PC Optimum points

2. Access to exclusive bonus points promotions

3. You can apply the PC Insider *$99 Travel credit towards your PC Travel booking.

PC Financial Mastercard holders earn PC Optimum Points on travel purchases. PC Mastercard and PC World Mastercard earn 2X points on every PC Travel purchase. PC World Elite Mastercard earn 3X points on every PC Travel purchase.

If you are a PC Insider member, but do not have a PC Financial Mastercard, you can apply your PC Insider $99 travel credit towards your booking, but you will not earn PC Optimum Points on your travel purchase.

If you are a PC Optimum member only, you cannot book with PC Travel.


How do I become a PC Insider?

You can apply online at www.pcinsiders.com to sign up.

The PC Insiders Program is available to all PC customers which gives access to perks, discounts and extra offers. If you join and purchase the annual subscription you will receive a $99 travel credit. It can be applied vacation packages, flights, car rentals, hotels (minimum 3-night stay) and cruises.


How do I apply for a PC Financial Mastercard®?

You can apply online www.pcfinancial.com or call PC Financial directly 1-866-246-PCMC (7262).


How do I become a PC Optimum member?

You can sign up online at www.pcoptimum.ca


Do you offer discounts to PC Customers?

Yes, along with special bonus offers and promotions.

PCTravel.ca offers a multitude of travel deals and special offers. Travel discounts and promotions are included and displayed on our website.

Please note the Insiders $99 travel credit cannot be combined with other promotions or discounts.


What is the PC Travel Best Price Guarantee?

The PC  Travel Best Price Guarantee offers PC Travel customers peace of mind.  If you find a lower advertised Canadian dollar price than that advertised on our website at time of booking, and the rate is verified by PC travel, not only will we match the lower rate, we will reward you with  25,000 BONUS PC Optimumpoints on your booking.  Please visit https://www.pctravel.ca/info/price-match-guarantee.aspx for full terms and conditions.

What is the payment policy when booking with PC Travel?

Full payment at the time of booking is typical for most travel product and service. However, if booking a package vacation, and you are booking in advance, you may have the opportunity to apply a deposit only. Deposit requirements vary by departure date and supplier. Our website will reflect the payment required at the time of booking.


How can I make a change to my PC Travel booking?

All changes are on a request basis only and may not be guaranteed. Please note changes to your booking may incur additional administration fees and/or an increase to the original price. Please call the PC Travel Call Centre at 1-844-862-8466 to find out.


What is the cancellation policy with PC Travel?

All bookings are typically 100% non-refundable. Cancellation policies and penalties vary by travel provider, airline and/or tour operator. Contact the PC Travel Call Centre at 1-844-862-8466 to find out.


How do I pay the remaining balance for my PC Travel booking?

If you paid a deposit only, and the final balance is due, you must call the PC Travel Call Centre 1-844-862-8466 to apply the payment.


I booked online, is my booking confirmed?

Online reservations are processed within 24 hours. You will receive a notice via email to advise your booking is being processed. A booking is considered confirmed once you have received an official invoice. Please note there are instances such as credit card verification, third party restrictions, fraud parameters, tour operator or supplier inventory changes etc. that are beyond our control and may disrupt or interfere with the booking process. In those cases, we will work with you directly to finalize your travel arrangements.


How do I get my travel documents?

All travel documents are sent directly to you via email. Airline tickets are issued within 24 – 48 hours from the time of the booking. Packaged Vacations, hotel, cruise and car documents are sent 21 days before your travel date.


How do I know if I have the proper identification to travel?

We recommend every Canadian citizen travel with a valid Canadian passport. Please note that certain destinations or airlines require the passport to be valid for 6 months from the date of travel. If you are not a Canadian citizen and/or are unsure of the documentation required for your travels please go to www. https://travel.gc.ca/ or https://www.visahq.ca/ to find out. The name(s) reflected on the airline tickets, itinerary or vouchers must match your travel identification exactly. Inaccuracies may result in denied boarding at the airport or denied entry into foreign destination.


How do I know what points are earned when I book with PC Travel?

Our website clearly reflects points earning for each product advertised. Once you have booked and paid for your vacation with your PC Financial Mastercard®, your account will be credited with the points earned on your purchase.


Will I earn bonus PC Optimum points with my PC Financial Mastercard® if I book directly with the airline, hotel, tour operator or through another travel agency?

You will not earn PC Optimum points unless you book your travel arrangements with PC Travel directly.


How will my PC Optimum points appear on my account?

Regular points earning will be added to your account within 5 business days. Bonus and/promotion points will be added in a second transaction within 5 weeks.


I am missing PC Optimum points that I earned with my purchase with PC Travel.

If you are missing PC Optimum points earned through a purchase, please contact PC Optimum directly at 1-866-PC POINTS (727-6468). Keep in mind that PC Optimum points are earned only on the dollar amount charged to your PC Financial Mastercard®.


I am missing PC Optimum points earned during a PC Travel promotion event.

Points earned through promotional offers (not regular earnings) may take up to 5 weeks to appear in your account. If you wish to investigate further, please contact the PC Optimum Call Centre at 1-866-PC POINTS (727-6468).


I have questions regarding my PC Financial Mastercard® Account.

For all non-travel related inquiries, such as changes to your pin number, request to increase credit limit, you must contact PC Financial directly at 1-866-246-PCMC (7262). PC Travel does not have access to your PC Financial Mastercard® account.


Is travel insurance automatically included with my PC Financial Mastercard®?

PC Financial Mastercard® cardholders do not include a travel Insurance coverage. It is advisable that all travelers purchase the proper travel insurance coverage. PC Travel can offer the right travel insurance plan for you. Call 1-844-862-8466 to speak with one of our Travel Advisors.