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Manulife Global Emergency Medical 

Be protected if something unexpected happens before or during your trip

Call us for a quote at: 1-844-862-8466

Emergency medical insurance for Canadians starts with these benefits.

Key features and benefits


Eligible Age*: No limit

Medical Concierge Services: Included

Medical Questionnaire Required: Yes – Age 60 or over

Pre-Existing Medical Coverage: Subject to stability period of 3-6 months (depending on age)

Hospital & Medical: $5,000,000

Accidental Dental: $3,000

Specialists & Therapists: Care from a licenced chiropractor osteopath, physiotherapist, chiropodist or podiatrist, up to $300 by profession

Replacing Prescription Drugs, Hearing Aids, and Eyeglasses: $50 to $200

Ambulance: Covered

Medical Repatriation: $5,000,000

Accommodation & Meals: $350/day, maximum $3,500

Expenses for Childcare: $100/day, maximum $300

Expenses Related to your Death: Covered

Call us for a quote at: 1-844-862-8466

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