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Manulife Global Premium Protection Plan

Travel insurance simplified with more coverage and less restrictions. 

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Manulife premium protection plan policy parameters

The Manulife Premium Protection Plan is designed for residents of Canada who:

a) are covered with a government health insurance plan for the policy duration

b) are age 69 or younger (at the time of purchasing the policy)

c) are travelling for a maximum of 23 days inclusive of any extension (including the date you leave on your trip and including the date you return home)

d) are listed as Insured Person(s) on the confirmation of coverage (for ease of reference, these persons may also be referred to as ‘you’ or ‘your’ throughout this policy)

e) purchased the plan within 72 hours of making a deposit or initial payment on the trip travel arrangements.

Key features and benefits

Trip Cancellation & Interruption

Trip Cancellation - Non-refundable prepaid travel arrangements:  Up to Covered Amount (Maximum Covered Amount available : $30,000)

Trip Interruption Transportation: Same class transportation to return home

Accommodation & Meals & Other Out-of-Pocket Expenses due to interruption (early or delayed return): $350 per day / Maximum 10 days ($3,500)

Trip Interruption - Unused non-refundable prepaid travel arrangements: Covers unused non-refundable prepaid travel arrangements

Cancel For Any Reason - (CFAR) coverage: Up to 80%

Default Supplier Protection Coverage (Travel Supplier Bankruptcy): 100% of non-refundable portion of undelivered trip; additional and unplanned hotel and meal expenses; transportation to next destination or your return home


Travel Disruption Insurance

Transportation: Same class transportation to next destination or to return home

Accommodation, Meals & Other Covered Expenses: $350 per day / Maximum 2 days ($700)

Additional Overnight Accommodation: $200 Maximum

Unused non-refundable prepaid travel arrangements: $300 per day / Maximum 3 days ($900)


Emergency Medical Insurance: Up to $10,000,000

Expenses to receive Emergency Medical Attention: Up to policy maximum

Expenses Related to your Death: Repatriation of Remains: Included in policy maximum; Cremation or Burial at Destination: Up to $10,000

Expenses for Emergency Medical Evacuation – Return to your Province or Territory of Residence: Included in policy maximum

Extra Expenses for meals, hotels, communication & local transportation: $500 per day / Maximum 10 days ($5,000)

Expenses to bring someone to your bedside: Unlimited Round-Trip Economy Transportation to Bedside + $1,000 for Accommodation & Meals


Baggage Loss, Damage & Delay Insurance

Lost /Stolen or Damaged Baggage: $750 per item/ up to a maximum of $1,500

Lost/Stolen Passport or Travel Visa: Up to $500

Common Carrier Delay of Baggage: Up to $750

Common Carrier Delay of Sporting Equipment: Up to $500


Travel Accident Insurance

Air Flight Accident: $250,000

Travel Accident: $50,000

Call us for a quote at: 1-844-862-8466

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