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Manulife Global Trip Cancellation & Interuption 

Be protected if something unexpected happens before or during your trip.

Call us for a quote at: 1-844-862-8466

Key features and benefits

Trip Cancellation: Covered Amount Selected

Trip Interruption: Covered Amount Selected

Cancel For Any Reason: Up to 50%

Misconnection: Economy Class

Early Return: Same Class Fare

Default Protection (Travel Supplier Bankruptcy): 100% of non-refundable portion of trip

Act of Terrorism Coverage: Max aggregate payable up to $2,500,000

Accommodation & Meals: $350 per day, up to 2 days

Delayed Return/Trip Delay: Economy class, accommodations & other expenses: $150 perday, to max of $1,500

Call us for a quote at: 1-844-862-8466

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